Strategic supply and Demand Solutions.

VVS Logistics offers premium freight transportation solutions.  Our knowledgeable and skilled personnel, reliable network of partners, and use of innovative technology are essential contributors to our high performance and increasing productivity. Collectively these assets generate value and employs seamless operational services to our clients.

Our client’s commitments are our commitments, and our client’s goals, performance objectives, cost benchmarks, growth projections, amongst other prescriptions of business operations guides our directives.

VVS Logistics is registered with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  We:

  • are licensed, bonded, and insured 
  • are authorized for interstate commerce
  • professionally facilitate transport of regulated commodities
  • operate within statues set by governing bodies
  • set and follow policies that secure control and reduced risk
  • assure quality services from trustworthy business constituents


To be the global leader in providing logistics solutions


Deliver innovative, economical, and quality transportation solutions to our clients by staying abreast of industry shifts and continuously improving organization processes and services.


  • Objectivity: We listen first, gain understanding of parameters, facts, and evidence to develop comprehensive solutions. Congruently build trusting relationships.
  • Integrity: Our thoughts, words, and actions charters our individual and organizational growth.
  • Accountability:  We strive for 100% fulfillment of commitments. If at peril, immediate mitigation action is taken followed by a root cause analysis. We learn from an occurrence and implement procedures to prevent its reoccurrence.
  • Safety: Preserving a safe workplace for everyone is our priority.  We promote and encourage safe practices at work and when at home.
  • Innovation: We leverage creativity, initiative, and agility to gain and maintain competitive advantage.


A network of qualified driver associates transport goods to local and over the road domestic locations. This mode of transport may be used for the transport of bulk goods with or without packaging and heavy or over-sized cargo.


Goods are held in containers and semi-trailers and transported via railway. Trains offer an efficient means for moving bulk commodities. This method is most often used when conducting multi-modal and international exchanges.


Transport of cargo using aircraft. Aircraft may be chartered for domestic or international destinations. This transporting method is frequently used by global suppliers to ensure products are readily available at distribution centers then administered to the market for consumers consumption.


Commodities are transported in shipping containers on vessels traveling by sea. Dry goods and refrigerated and frozen goods may be transported using this method. This mode is often used for the international transport of goods.


VVS Logistics agents maintain direct connections with a wide network of quality carriers. Carriers are vetted for proper operating authority, insurance coverage, and have proven records that promote safety and reliability.  This vetting process is done for assurance of safe and timely movement of goods.

In our carrier network resides multiple modes of transportation.  Options include over the road tractor trailer, flatbed, reefer, padded van, and other services.

As strategic partners we will facilitate transportation, monitor,  provide status updates, and maintain records of freight pickups and deliveries.

We invite you to reach out to us.  We can discuss and learn what your needs are, align them with our services, and develop a mutual interest.


VVS Logistics is a reliable and responsible freight brokerage company. Agents take diligent care when arranging freight transportation.  Safety is a priority. Hence hourly driving limits, rest breaks, and sleep requirements are considered when scheduling pickup and delivery or load returns.

Our warranty is gilded by effectively communicating, earning your trust, and building good rapport. You can expect:

  • upfront sharing of shipper and receiver details for each transaction
  • weather or road conditions alerts that may impact your traveling
  • courteous and swift responses to your inquiries
  • Market rates (considerations include: cargo form and weight, transport mode and requirements, distance traveled, and fuel cost)


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